Frequently asked questions

Why should I use Find Routes?

Many people create routes on Strava, but these can only be seen by other if the creator of the route explicitly shares the route with someone else (or publishes the link somewhere). That’s a bit limited and Find Routes intends to make searching and discovering new routes on Strava easier by collection Strava routes and making them searchable.

Because of privacy regulations it is not possible to simply collect routes from Strava users using the Strava API without Strava user permission. Therefor Strava users need to give Find Routes permission to retrieve the public routes they created. You do this by sharing your routes.

But Strava already provides routes per area

Indeed, Strava provides a list of curated routes. However, this is a limited set of countries and cities within these countries. The aim of Find Routes is to make routes available all over the world, also in rural areas that would not make it to the curated list on Strava. So enjoy the routes created by others and please share your routes such that other can enjoy these.

What permission do I give to Find Routes when signing up?

When you share your routes with Find Routes, your will redirected to Strava to give Find Routes read permission on public data in your Strava account. So this is data that is already publicly visible, and by giving permission Find Routes can retrieve all your public routes. So Find Routes is not able to collect any private data or make any changes to data in your Strava account.

How to I unsubscribe?

You can unsubscribe by revoking access for Find Routes in your Strava My Apps settings.

I successfully signed up, but my routes do now show

Routes must be public Routes should become visible in the Find Routes page within a few minutes after signing up. If you cannot find your own routes, it could be that your routes are marked as Private. For Find Routes to be able to download a route, it must be Public as in this screenshot.